Zona Zombie

Videoclip / Animation

We've created the music video for a track by musician PZ, a portuguese producer/singer with humourous lyrics about everyday issues and a big fan of pajamas.
On this song he dwells about entering a state of mind where he sometimes pictures people as zombies...

2D Animation


We took inspiration on our favourite childhood games, such as Streets of Rage and we did research on how the characters / camera could move to fake a game interface.
We've designed a variety of city characters that we could then transform into zombies whenever the chorus would come up.


Client: PZ
Original Concept: PZ
Direction: Check it Out Studio
Illustration: João Pessegueiro
Sprite animation: João Pessegueiro
Animation & Compositing: Carlos Marques
Music: PZ - Zona Zombie


A special thanks to PZ for his great ideas and trusting us to collaborate on this awesome project.


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