Hey there, you've reached the website of Check it Out Studio. We were a small studio from Portugal making animated videos (like those made to explain apps and promote events on Instagram). It was fun for about 6 years and then we've decided to go do other things, because, you know, life is short and you have to make the best of it and, also, we were bad managers. You must be thinking: "If this company no longer exists, why am I reading this?". Well, the truth is we've paid for the website's hosting and domain until 2023 and we are (were) a zero waste company, so nothing is wasted, even if it's virtual space. Does that make sense? Maybe not... You're wasting precious energy and time right now reading this long justification that could really just be an italic text saying "Thank you to everyone that was part of our journey"... but hey, that's up to you, as a content consumer, to decide. We are truly appreciative of everyone that was part of it, by the way. Well, maybe not EVERYONE. Nobody appreciates late or non-payers, but let's not focus on the negative (that's a very portuguese thing to do). Let's focus on the positive: A lot of learning, a lot of creative freedom, good clients, a lot of friends and beautiful sunsets on the studio's terrace. So, in short, that was fun. Thank you and have a nice day!

If you want to keep up with João and Carlos visit joaopessegueiro.com and carlosmarques.tv.
 To check our archive of projects, go to Behance or Instagram.