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Corporate video

Motion Design can help a company stand out and find solutions for many problems. It can be a company event, a christmas card, or a message for all your collaborators.

Corporate video

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Frequently asked questions

What's the duration of an explainer video?
The recommended time for this kind of videos is about 1 minute or a little more.
How long does it take to make a video?
Each video has it's own features that can influence production time. We usually take between 3 to 5 weeks from the first meeting to delivery, to guarantee superior quality.
Can I have a video without any sound?
Yes, in some cases that's even recommended!
How does the payment work?
The payment is done via bank transfer in the beginning and after final delivery.
How much does an explainer video cost?
The production of a high quality animated video takes time and gathers a team of talented creatives, so it's not a cheap investment. But if it increases your conversion rate by 20% it's definitely a smart move.
Can I send a script or a voice over?
In which formats will I get my animation?
You'll receive your videos in the following formats: .mov 1920x1080 (Apple ProRes); MP4 1920x1080 (h264); .MP4 1280x720 (h264). In case you need any additional format you should specify it.